We carry a large selection of both single and double pole Rcbo devices from 10 up to 32 amps capacity as well as residual current devices and Rcd and Mcb accessories. Our product range is designed to offer electrical contractors diversity, reliability and quality at cost-effective prices, making us the easy choice for electrical suppliers in Perth, Australia-wide and on an international level.

In addition to supplying Rcbo devices and Rcd/Mcb accessories, Uniquip offers an excellent selection of everything from industrial switchgear to domestic accessories such as double powerpoints. Whatever your project, we are your trusted team of electrical suppliers in Perth to help see that it gets done quickly and correctly.

Exactly What You’re Looking For

Whether you are facing a large or small job, having the proper tools and accessories is essential. Uniquip carries an unbeatable selection of single and double pole Rcbo devices as well as Rcd and Mcb accessories to ensure that every customer can find exactly what they are looking for in one location.

As comprehensive electrical suppliers in Perth, we also carry a large range of domestic and industrial tools and accessories, including industrial switchgear, double powerpoints and more. We are also solar electrical suppliers specialising in the latest technologies for eco-friendly projects.

Let Our Knowledgeable Team Assist You

Explore our product range online or get in touch with us directly for more information and expert advice on selecting Rcbo devices, accessories and more. Our team of knowledgeable staff can help you determine the perfect products for your requirements.